Hide Pictures

Hide Photos 1.4

Hide Photos 1.4: Hide for-your-eyes-only photos in a password-protected secure container! Hide Photos stores protected images in an AES-encrypted secure container that is easily accessible with an Explorer-like interface. It displays full-color thumbnail previews of the protected pictures, and conveniently organizes your collection with tags and comments for quick search. Hide Photos employs the industry-standard AES encryption with 256-bit keys for guaranteed security. Protect your digital pictures against the curious eye!

Flash Windows Hider 2.70: Quick to hide your private windows within a blink of eye.
Flash Windows Hider 2.70

hide browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. *hide download windows - programs can download in the background without taking up space on your taskbar ! *hide any application such as Word, Excel, Outlook Express, etc. *hide DOS windows, desktop icons. *hide just about everything, including itself ! *Allow mute all when hide status. Situation: You find yourself on your office computer reading something enjoyable, writing a personal letter,

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Delete Duplicate Pictures 4.96: Delete Duplicate Pictures: The Easiest way to Delete Duplicate Pictures!
Delete Duplicate Pictures 4.96

Delete Duplicate Pictures: How to Delete duplicate pictures? Delete duplicate pictures and delete duplicate picture files, easily delete duplicate pictures and delete picture duplicates with the duplicate picture deleting software. Deleting duplicate pictures is simple. You can delete duplicate pictures on digital camera, delete duplicated pictures in folders and delete duplicate pictures everywhere. Delete Duplicate Pictures - Download now!

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VIPstegano 1.2.1: A tool to hide scrambled text in a picture - a way to avoid attention
VIPstegano 1.2.1

The program can hide text in pictures in a way that it cannot be seen. The positions of the used pixels depend on your password. The password is not stored in the picture! The pictures must be saved in bmp-format. The program has two main windows: The editor for plain text and the picture window. Testpictures are built-in. Writing to and reading from a picture is done via buttons in the text window.

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Hide Those Folders 1.2

Hide Those Folders is the best way for you to hide folders and hide files and keep sensitive and important data hidden from view. Hide files and hide folders from Children, Employers, Anyone else at all, even hackers! Hide Those Folders will hide your sensitive folders and hide files so that they can`t be seen or accessed. Hide Those Folders will hide your sensitive folders and hide files so that they can`t be seen or accessed. Files stay hidden

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PicaSafe 2.0: Create password-protected private digital photo albums
PicaSafe 2.0

WANNA HIDE THAT NAUGHTY PICTURES AWAY FROM THE CURIOUS EYE? There are hundreds of ways to hide your private pictures on the computer, but only one of them is really safe. Protect your collections of digital pictures with PicaSafe! Keep. Watch. Hide. Only you control who can see your pictures.

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Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software 7.0.3: Cryptainer LE Totally free 128 bit file and disk encryption software
Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software 7.0.3

Hides any type of data on any media. Any kind of file - from word and excel documents to movies and pictures, can be encrypted. You can also send secure email attachments. It runs on all versions of Windows (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP as well as Windows Vista family). Simple, Secure, Absolutely free. No Nags, No reminders, Not Adware. The best part - this package is totally free to use. A must

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